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Poomsae Team "Harang"

The team name was based on the Korean word, “Harang”, which means “to become great people in the world where they live together”. The team was named “Harang” in hopes that the students would take after the meaning.


Poomsae is an aspect of Taekwondo that develops self-control over the body through training strength, speed, and power in expressive forms.


The Do Martial Art’s Poomsae Team “Harang” not only strives for high-quality performances through extensive training, but they also aim to train members’ personal qualities.

Sparring Team

Kyorugi, also known as sparring in the context of the Olympics, refers specifically to Olympic Taekwondo sparring. The competitive component of Taekwondo is featured in the Olympic Games. Olympic Kyorugi showcases the skill, speed, and strategy of elite Taekwondo athletes on the world stage.

Here are some critical aspects of the Olympic Kyorugi.

1. Scoring System: It is based on valid punch and kick attacks to designated target areas, with different points allocated for each type of attack.

2. Strategy and Tactics: Athletes employ various techniques, analyze their opponent's movements, and adapt their tactics in real time to gain an advantage during the match.

3. Physical Conditioning: High levels of physical fitness, including strength, speed, agility, flexibility, and endurance, are required to compete in Olympic Kyorugi.

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Judo Team

Running & Coached by Judoka, Master CJ

We take pride in offering a dynamic and dedicated Judo Competition Team for passionate practitioners eager to take their skills to the next level. Our competition team is designed to provide aspiring athletes with the training, support, and opportunities they need to excel in the world of Judo competitions.

Competition Team Gallery

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