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Basic Birthday Program

Set Up - 30 minutes before formal party start time.

Arrival - Welcome guest. Children play with DO Martial Arts staff while adults gather around our big, communal counter tops and bench seating.

Martial Arts Class - Once guests have arrived the formal lesson begins. Children, and willing adults, can all take part.

Martial Arts Class includes- the Korean language, running, rolling & jumping activities, kicking, and games.

Eating and Cake - Everyone gathers to sing happy birthday, blow out the candles and eat.

Departure - As guests leave DO Martial Arts staff will ensure every child feels special and has a rewarding experience.

You bring food, cake, drinks, cutlery & decorations.

We will do the clean-up!

The whole birthday party, including setting up is 2 hours.

10 -15 children, $390 for 2 hours. 

Each extra hour is $10 and is subject to approval.

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